Drawing without boundaries med Maija Pitz

Title: Drawing without boundaries med Maija Pitz
Location: Öland Enetri
Description: Title: Drawing without boundaries
Location: Öland Enetri

July 18-22 Mon-Fri, evening course, with founder of program Maija Pitz Koponen

Drawing Without Boundaries is the the latest course in vedic
drawing according Curt Källman. We try to do it in the most
simple and easy way to get the driving force there. Drawing
plants, animals, human bodies etc. is beautiful way of seeing
the nature step by step.

But still I have to be very honest to you, drawing may seem
at first little difficult, but as it is said in Veda: “… if
something is not clear in the first instance, further study
of the subject makes it clear”.
Expression – transformation – expansion, the ancient vedic
way of creation. We will remember how it happens with time.

Curt Källman has given me many wonderful things regarding
consciousness for my artistic expression in co-operation with
him during the years. This course is – among many – one of
the precious gemstones in art which I have received from him. We
use the sight, memory and living line to support our vedic
artistic expression. I’m happy that I can help you with this.

Course material: sketchpad A3, soft graphite pencils 3B-8B
(artist woodless graphite pen or artist graphite pen with
Lead Holder fits 5.6 mm round graphite sticks)

Lectures are in english.

July 18-22 / 5 days / Mon-Fri
Time: 5-7pm in the evening
Course fee: 1200kr incl VAT

Teacher training:
(for Vedic Art teachers who have been in the past on this
course by Maija / 2,5-3 days in Stockholm or Norway)
July 18-22 / 5 days / Mon-Fri
Time: 5-7pm + Fri 10am-16pm (1teachers day)
Course fee: 2500kr incl VAT for privat persons,
3125kr incl. VAT for companies

Teacher: Maija Pitz-Koponen
Vedic Art Academy, Finland

Lets start drawing by heart!

Sign up please contact Johannes

Start Date: 2016-07-18
Start Time: 17:00
End Date: 2016-07-22
End Time: 19:00

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