English Vedic Art courses in Sweden

Title: English Vedic Art courses in Sweden
Location: Svibo Farm Öland Sweden
Description: The 17 Principles of Life and Advanced Teachers Training 12-18 August. with Johannes Källman

-The 17 Principles of Life 12-18 August with Johannes Källman on Svibo farm. The Art of life! We go deeper into how we can use the principles in our daily life and how they can bring, cretivity, personal development and happieness to our life. The course fee for all  the Advanced Courses are 2 300 SEK. Art studio is included. For you who have passed both Foundation and Contination levels.

For Vedic Art Teachers ~The advanced Teachers training~
12-19 August with Johannes Källman on Svibo Farm.

Course fee 4 900 SEK. Art studio is included.  For you who have passed both Foundation, Continuation levels and Teachers Training.
Course content
A further education for Vedic Art teachers. Teachers instructions for Continuation Course and the Advanced Course with the Great Creative Forces (named the Vedangas). Here we alseo go deeper into the subject of how teachers can communicate with student according to Curt Källmans instructiones. The course fee include access to art studio.

sign up: booking@vedicart.com
Start Date: 2017-08-12
End Date: 2017-08-18

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