POLISH Vedic Art courses Öland Sweden

Title: POLISH Vedic Art courses Öland Sweden
Location: Öland Gamlegärde Gård
Foundation, Contination and Advanced  5-12 August with Paulina Mazurek and Johannes Källman. In Polish or translated to polish.

-Foundation Course 5-12 August with Paulina
During the foundation course week we pass the 17 Vedic principles for art and life. The starting point is your own inner motivation. You put pen to paper and then the creation process is in full expansion. It is very simple. The only thing that can be be a bit difficult is to stop painting! You always book the entire course going for a week from Saturday to Saturday. Course Outline The foundation course is for you who have not gone Vedic Art courses before or only gone part of the basic course. Foundaion courses on Oland always follow the original program that the founder of Vedic Art Curt Källman created. No prior art experience is required to attend the course.

-Contination Course 5-12 August with Paulina
The continuation course is for you who have completed the whole foundation course and learned all the 17 principles. You can join continuation courses as many times as you like. You always book the entire course week from Saturday to Saturday. You are welcome to stay for as many weeks as you want! You will have plenty of time to enjoy the Island of Oland. Art supplies are available for purchase in the course room and on Carla’s Cafe in Nasby.
The course fee for the Continuation level is 1 900 SEK. Art studio is included. For you who have passed the Foundation Course.

-The 17 Principles of Life 5-12 August with Johannes Källman(translated) and Paulina Mazurek. The Art of life! We go deeper into how we can use the principles in our daily life and how they can bring, creativity, personal development and happieness to our life. Price 2300 SEK included art studio.

All levels Artist material to the courses: You arrange yourself with painting materials. Most things can be bought on site were the courses are held. Suitable painting material is for example acrylic paints, brushes and canvas. Källmans own tempera paint will be available to buy. Please bring a drawing pad, pencils and notebook. The course fee include access to art studio from saturday night to saturday morning.

sign up to: booking@vedicart.com

Start Date: 2017-08-05
End Date: 2017-08-12

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