The 17 Principles of Life, London

Title: The 17 Principles of Life, London
Location: London
Description: London, United Kingdom 8-9 April 2017, The 17 Principles of Life©
Seminar for you who have passed foundation and continuation level. Price 200 £. With Johannes and Paulina Mazurek. Lectures are in English. Polish translation possible. Read more on
New Course!! The 17 Principles of Life©
The Art of life! We go deeper into how we can use the principles in our daily life and how they can bring, creativity, personal development and joy to our life. The Principles gives us deeper understanding of life, work, projects and relations. They make our mind go beyond concepts and result and give us a deeper fulfillment in our actions. Art and Life is one! Johannes Källman is the founder of “The 17 Principles of Life Course” with gratefulness to Curt Källman
Start Date: 2017-04-08
End Date: 2017-04-09

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