The Advanced 18-19 Additions Warzaw

Title: The Advanced 18-19 Additions Warzaw
Location: Warzaw Poland
Description: Warzaw, Poland  13-14 May 2017, The Advanced 18-19 Additions©.  
For you who have passed foundation and continuation level.  Lectures are in English with Polish translation. Read more on

The Advanced 18-19 Additions©
An advanced course with the eighteenth and nineteenth steps of Vedic Art! They are NOT new principles but Additions introduced in Vedic Art program by Curt Källman and inspired by the knowledge of Veda. The Creator – Brahman is our driving force, inner resources and creativity brings out the “creator” within us! How we can use our unique potential to live a more creative life! Atman is the infinty of Art and Life. How we use art and the 17 principles to free us from stress and limitations, to live here and now, and find the joy of living and create? During this course we go deeper to to knowledge of our desire to create, the creative processes and the powerful forces in art and life! A course found by Curt Källman.
Start Date: 2017-05-13
End Date: 2017-05-14

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